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5 Level 3 Home Care Packages and 2 Level 4 Home Care Packages in Launceston

21 Level 2 Home Care Packages and 2 Level 4 Home Care Packages in the Georgetown and Upper West Tamar areas.


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Southern Cross Care (Tas.) Inc. has 21Level 2 Home care Packages and 2 Level 4 Home Care Packages in the Georgetown and Upper West Tamar area.

The aim of these packages is to establish a program of care in partnership with the consumer which enables and encourages independence, wellness, re-ablement and quality of life. Flexibility is the key to the package of care and the agreed range of services can change as the client's care needs change. Eligibility for these packages is after assessment by the Aged Care Assessment Team.  HCP Brochure (PDF)

An individual budget will be developed in the home with each consumer to ensure the best use of Government and consumer contribution. While the Government provides the bulk of the funding,  from July 2014 the Government expects the consumer will contribute towards to cost of care where they have the capacity to do so. For those who are not a full pensioner an income assessed fee will be detemined after a financial assessment by Medicare. All consumers are also expected to pay a weekly care fee where they have the capacity to pay. Hardship provisions are available to ensure no one is refused care because of an inability to pay. Fees increase in March and September each year in line with pension increases. Full details on fee structures is available from the MyAgedCare website or by phoning 1800 200 422. A fees estimator is also available on this website.

All field staff are qualified and skilled in the delivery of flexible care which is tailored to meet each client's needs in an individual and supportive way. Professional and experienced case management ensures seamless care which is tailored to meet each individual’s changing needs. The packages are designed to maintain wellness and restore independence and quality of life.

 Naturally the primary carer is closely involved with the case management in a true partnership to achieve optimal outcomes for consumer and carer alike. Innovation and flexibility are key factors in the design of the care package together with a personalised match of staff to client.

The services are varied and include but are not limited to

  • Home care including cleaning, laundry and meal preparation
  • Personal care such as showering, dressing and personal hygiene
  • Nursing and allied health services
  • Aids and equipment
  • After hours support services
  • Transport and shopping
  • Home and garden maintenance for safety
  • Assistance with accessing social and spiritual and recreational activities
  • Counselling and support

The staff have training in the special needs of those people living with dementia and understand the specific needs of those who give the majority of the care to the client. A high level of professional case management is central to the care planning which is formulated in close consultation with all stakeholders..

Southern Cross Care (Tas.) Inc. is also a contracted provider for eligible Veterans under the Veterans Home Care Scheme. Assessment for eligibility is conducted by an external assessor who may be contacted by phoning 1300 550 450.

In addition to Government subsidised services we can also offer the same high standard of supportive care on an In Home Fee for Service (pdf) basis to those who for any reason are ineligible for other funding or who may require additional services. Follow this link to download a brochure for more information.